Thursday, November 19, 2015

Basic Sangha Community Rights for Sangha discussion only

Basic Sangha community rights

  1. Full citizenry rights in the resident country and overseas.
  2. Full support in daily living includes 4-requisites
  3. All possible opportunities for education given everyone without payback expected.
  4. Respect by 4-fold assembly of host country Sangha members.
  5. Appropriately sensitive to Sangha include celebrations that do not harm or create ethical problems for the Sangha including indigenous cultures and customs of host country.
  6. Monthly stipend that suitable for the area and allows a fund to be used by the individual as they wish, not the home country of the ethnic founders.
  7. Access to good internet connection to prevent isolation from family, friends, and peers. Freedom to decide online presence as long as precepts are being observed online as well.  Anything harmful or illegal should be regarded as reasons to report to the law to protect the community. Politics cause problems enough so Sangha should up their security and use pass code locks on their electronics like phones and computers, even ipads, 
  8. Every Sangha member has a right to decide without pressure from a temple or individuals what to do with their own money.  They can save for their own purpose, invest, donate as they see fit.  If they fritter their money away how can that benefit their progress on the Path?
  9. Freedom to receive visitors of their own approval and to leave to visit others.
  10. Freedom to speak, visit, travel with other Sangha in good standing regardless of robes or tradition as long as the Sangha they visit are in good standing.
  11. Freedom to speak, visit, travel with other monastic religious outside of Buddhism.
  12. All countries, all languages, all abilities of Sangha who remain in good standing have the full ability to preserve, protect, and propagate Buddha dharma, the precepts, perform any service or transmission regardless of origin in Buddhism, participate and confer with appropriate Vinaya numbers of Sangha full ordination, Bodhisattva vows, and confer lineages either new or ancient.
This is a work in progress.  It will be edited and added to or deletions as other Sangha are welcome to comment with suggestions. As this is a Sangha affair nobody else should comment. 

Ven. Hongyang,Bhikshuni
Calm Clarity Temple

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