Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sangha Walks new digital project proposed

Film & Video

Funding Goal

$1,000 - $5,000

Project Description

Sangha Walks: Collections from Buddhist monastics residing in the USA our untold stories. Ven. Hong Yang a bhikshuni a member of the traditional 2-part Sangha (bhikshu, the monks; bhikshuni, the nuns) documents the stories and experiences from other sanghans across the USA. This collection will be the first from the actual Buddhist monks and nuns in the USA, many are Americans, many are foreigners, all are significantly impacting our US history. Make this project possible by funding one year collection process of film, print, documents from large monasteries, small temples, tiny hermitages, forest dwellers and all have history and wish offer help to all who ask. Our history in the USA is now about 170 years undocumented.

Project Rewards

Access to the collection once it's been documented in film and digital media with reduced prices for membership dependent on level of donation, tour fees, and eligiblity in the future board that would advise, fund, maintain, repair, and add to the collection. Handmade gifts for all Kickstarter donors in the value of $20.

Refinement of project:
Establish and create digital records in video and digital photos from the original items like historical ledgers, records of deeds, contruction photos, pictures from events, mememtos from travels, public works projects, charitable activities, education programs, brochures, cards, art items, clothing, service books, commentaries, translations into English, original religous items, reliquary items, burial services and plots, architecture, fabrics, military service, public office, council meetings, etc or other special projects from local and international news articles from Buddhist monks and nuns (Sangha) residing in the USA since the Chinese immigrants came to build our railroads. To get their cooperation would need site visits, collection of documenation, and considerable website presence.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Preparing for the Dragon Year of 2012

This is the most liberating time, the about-to-change- time of the upcoming Chinese New Year! And to think we lucky Buddhists get to have two new years that actually gives us time to finish our 'old' business and clean up our messes and tidy our homes in time for Chinese New Year if we get too busy for the calendar new year in December! Hah! 

I almost completed my sorting of all my old papers, had stuff from 90s in my college days!  Wow so far threw away 3 large garbage bags of paper, shredded and ready for the power plant to burn and recycle!

I've been able to finalize my health program for the year!!  Aging is the biggest culprit that I am facing.  Geese louise, I remember thinking when I was 35 that I felt 78! now I'm 51 and wonder if that means I feel like a 100!  So when I get to be 150 I can accurately say I know what 300 feels like!!!