Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Indiegogo Campaign Calm Clarity Temple

Feel free to click on our new indiegogo campaign Indiegogo fundraising for Calm Clarity Temple , we are trying to raise funds for a down payment for a purchase of land or a home for housing nuns who want to translate the Chinese Mahayana Tripitaka or study Chinese Buddhism.  This temple will serve the Asian American community and the general mid west community who is interested in Buddhism, either through practice or curiosity

This is a traditional nunnery following the Chinese Buddhism within the context of our Western culture, Iowa flavored with context, primary to it's mission is translation and secondary is service to the public. Daily religious services, along with Buddhist traditional services with the Chinese lunar calendar will be used as the foundation.

Daily life is vegetarian with egg and cheese allowed.  No offerings from laity will be refused, as long as the food is safe and not rotten.  Fresh fruits, vegetables, donations of staples of flour, sugar, baking supplies, especially vital wheat gluten used for primary protein, along with low salt soy products are welcomed. links to standard USA sources for vegan and vegetarian Buddhist products will be listed shortly.