Teaching Schedule

2018 Schedule for Ven Hongyang

     2018 is not going to have a set schedule. 

Traveling and various educational projects have not allowed such a schedule.

It’s most likely that you will be able to get the time you request from her, so please do contact Venerable.

Ven. Hongyang is available for appointments for counseling, chanting services, and public speaking.   She can conduct secular workshops on Buddhists methods for daily life, Meditation, Mental Health, and provide continuing education for medical professionals.

     She is committed to working with various Sangha and their members for propagation of Buddha Dharma, editing their work, sending support in merit returns and goodies.  

     Some of her ongoing projects have been continued translation of the Chinese Mahayana Tripitaka to complete an English Mahayana Tripitaka. Writing advisory and commentaries for secular and Buddhist use in practice and research.

     Schools, churches, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, prison, psychiatric settings and interested organization that would like to learn more about Buddhism is always welcome to contact her for lectures, seminars, and instruction in Buddhism. In all these cases an honorarium will be requested to cover the cost of travel, all funds will go to the temple not to the master.

CEUs are important for various professionals.  She is currently revising material for offering state approved CEUs for professionals in Iowa.

Please feel free to contact her, this year the schedules is not set due to various fluid circumstances in her seeking professional certification in various areas and continuing her graduate education in the near future.

Appointments only, please do not just show up.

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