Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Practice and our best efforts

There is sometimes less to be said and more to be done.  Buddhists are really action oriented. We don't talk a lot we do.  All these are truisms.  Some of us aspire to Buddhahood not sainthood.  If you are not seeking enlightenment then you need to check your intent in practicing Buddhism.  Compassion begins with you, if you are cussing up someone then that is a signal you failed big time, reboot and start over.

We have to make our best efforts every moment.  No time to think about it, wish for it or plan for it.  Life is fleeting and we do not have much of it left.  I like real stuff not triteness or quotes from Buddha's teachings to battle with another over who is right and who is wrong.  There is neither, individual's karma and their efforts in this life matter only to them in treading the Path.

I do not mind reading about other's journey's for it can serve as dharma teaching and another's life lessons can inspire and support Buddha's teachings. I do mind when writers put down any of the Triple Jewels which are the Buddha, the Dharma (his teachings) and the Sangha (past and present living Sangha).  Most of the failed monks and nuns have become famous writers based upon their slamming of the Sangha.

And that's just not the way to be, refuting your former life as a monk is understandably your own situation for it didn't work for you but it really is too much to read that we don't need Sangha or that they have outlived their usefulness or are a part of an ancient unfair out of touch system of living.  All these failed monks should be shivering in their bones out of fear of karmic retribution over their slander.  For they are committing the worst kind of offense.  Being failed monks they chose to become experts and speak for Buddhism in the West.  After 20-30 years of doing just that all the while slandering the Triple Jewel to an unsuspecting readership they have set forth wrong dharma in print and in word and now on YouTube!

Practice as best you can and keep your faith in the Triple Jewel for it will support your practice.  I do see people progress in a less rigid, less self-imposed puritanical standards and embrace their own efforts to learn a sutra or master some dharma method that they enjoy while others see their practice deepen and mature.  Enjoy your practice don't dread it, if it's not enjoyable just try something else that would interest you.  Buddhism is not boring there are 84,000 dharma doors to enter through!

Keep to those practices that uphold the Triple Jewel and walk away and throw away anything that does not! Do be aware of the standard teachings to avoid fakes and money grubbers.    Buddhanet  has all the traditions and some really good comparison charts in their study section.  That's a good place to start to be familiar with what is universally accepted in Buddhism today.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Stop Tibetan Sangha suicides ACT Now

10 away from completing this petition please sign or share it!

Appeal to the Tibetan Sangha the Maha Sangha within Tibet to take very public steps to end this crime! Stop the needless deaths! Stop the abuse by Tibetans who are clearly not interested in the Triple Jewel by recruiting, harming, killing and encouraging the disintegration and degradation of the Tibetan Sangha! It is very unusual for a country known for their history of Buddhist adepts and advanced practitioners to be silent on this matter! In any other country this would generate a very quick and public response by the Maha Sangha. It's hypocritical for Tibetan Buddhists to support this when they are all about compassion and promoting the well-being of all living beings even worms in a construction site! So how come the silence, in our Sangha meetings silence is approval, does this mean the Tibetan Sangha in Tibet approves by it silence? Amituofo! I can't believe that it would! So let me print out this petition soon. See more awful stories by a pro-suicide site.