Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Floating Clouds, Folded Palms - A Mahayana Chinese rebirth in Iowa: Iowa's own Bhikshuni soon to release author's autobiography

My autobiography has been the hardest thing to write.  I'm happy I made the effort to publish many sutras before I attempted the hardest thing I have ever sat down to to do.  At first I made lists, wrote snippets of my challenges and victories.  I had a difficult life, not unlike your own.  However, I made choices that led me to the Path.  And it is too my credit that I made those beneficial decisions.  All the while I mused how to bring this work to you and inspire you to knuckle down and really study while practicing Buddha dharma!

I concluded that what you need less of is personal glimpses into masters lives; something you can use is concrete examples of what works from a Sangha member who has considerable amount of time spent in robes.

I am not famous to my knowledge.  I am not interested in that or in bigger, better prettier temples or to be in charge of such grandeur.  I don't need the prestige nor the bother of it, unless another Sangha member is in real need then I would suffer it, and really it would be suffering the loss of my practice time and my interest translating the Tripitaka completely into English.

I support the Triple Jewel, I am pure in precepts and I have faith in Buddha's teachings.  I am a senior bhikshuni in robes being true to my practice and striving to bring more practices to light in my translations of sutras and commentaries into English from the Tripitaka.

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