Sunday, August 21, 2011

Foibled feelings good for me!

Well update on the feelings issue of guests. It turned out well got my daughter and her friend to pick up the girl while I prepared her bed and reviewed my pantry and goodies for her stay. She will be with us for a week while my daughter gets her college week going we both get her to her school next saturday.

They both are sticking to my daughters room and enjoying evenings with their friends, easy on me, while I edite my translation. They are good kids. I am learning more about my foilbled feelings! :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Settling in unsettled existence

Just when I had my little world set on writing 12 hours a day and accepted that was my dharma role as a bhikshuni, I found an obstacle arising again.

Having annoyance after finding out my college daughter isn't diligent about getting her deadlines met for fall and a phone call from a needy high school boarder requires a 3 hour drive to pick her up from the airport and keep her a few days and take her to school for another 3 hours drive.

Daughter picked up on my feelings, and volunteered profusely thus embarrassing me about my reluctance and offered to find the girl a place to stay outside our home for those three or so days!

I'm chagrined. I need to change myself.