Wednesday, January 5, 2022

2022 and upcoming Chinese New Year!


Much has happened since 2017! Living a full life in robes these many years, we find that time turns fast! 2022 brings us a pause since the Covid19 pandemic started in 2019 December in the USA and elsewhere we have had to adjust to non-travel as best we can.

Some we lost, many persevered. 2022 is hopeful with new treatment being a Covid19 pill in the works. In spite of the breakout infections and normal flu season at the start of 2021 Winter we still are continuing to travel, unless there is a travel ban in place.

Some in the Sangha are spreading doom and gloom, misappropriating the idea of a "dharma-ending" age to our current pandemic. But it's wrong to hang on tightly to negative thinking, it's not wrong to have it but it's wrong to spread it as a dharma teaching. 

What kinds of doom and gloom?
Climate change:
Humanity can survive as our climate changes. What Sangha can do is support climate by reducing pollutants in their life, and encouraging re-forestation among other things to support healthy planet living.

Why are so many fearful? Because their laity are. Sangha are human and subject to the same emotions and life challenges as anyone else. 

Elderly population is large:
Also a very large segment of population in Sangha and householders are elderly, with the current groups being the most favored as reliable donors. Sangha who fail to attract younger longer-lasting donors will see crisis, and many have undergone shuttering their doors and moving on because this because of sheer lack of new younger laity.

High percentage of time focused on Finances:
Sangha need to focus on their training but is forced into focusing on finances instead. That's our reality. Lands are not donated by kings, the wealthy or family as much as they used to be (if that, irregularly in the past). Nonprofits are treated like businesses these days. Taxes are due. Religious organizations in the USA are treated like businesses not granted exemptions locally or nationally.

Recommendations: Focus on what is reality

So, to relieve this pressure Sangha should rethink their approach to donors, finances and fit into the world think regarding money, it's use and place in their lives. And forgoing money is not an option. Someone has to pay the bills, be responsible for finances and plan for future growth in the Sangha.

Western people in robes receive less or none:

Western born people who join the Sangha anywhere in the world have financial stress all of the time they are in robes in a host temple. They worked in their life for a salary. Then suddenly it changes while in robes - the money stops, the temples are supposed to provide all their needs, pity most do not. Donors are not easy to give donations to Western people because they see us as rich and our countries as rich. They have to be cajoled and nagged to do so by resident Sangha who are the same culture and race as their laity. This makes it hard to accept if you are Western (no matter race) if you live all your robed life aware of that disparity, even that taints the money given on your behalf because it is not a purely given act of dana.

Asian Sangha feels the pressure the most: Support them more, reduce stressors.

Consider the life our resident Sangha who are Asian, it must be such awful pressure to constantly cajole laity to donate and volunteer at the temple, they have to worry about money to pay the temple bills, mortgage and marketing, having enough rewards for laity, buying enough food for laity and services, setting up services, enough supplies for the public, finding enough items for gift shop to to sell in order to buy daily groceries; over and above their private needs. Kudos to them, for it is not easy to deal with the modern life requirements regarding money in religious life. They are often over kind to Western people who while train in robes are often awkward company because they are not understanding the subtitles of the temple culture, even some to give up their personal items, spaces, or favors so the Westerner stays or won't complain. 

A few men in robes receive it all while women work in the kitchen: Equity now.

In larger places Western men in robes are often lifted up by the entire resident Sangha to be untouchable, oddly a few wear robes different from their supportive resident Sangha, travels wherever, and are scholars; doesn't work in the kitchen like Western women have to or in laboring areas of the temple. These men are often given higher education while Western women are denied education, all expense paid by their community while Western women have to pay for theirs; many times these men fail in robes and later disrobe to the chagrin of their supportive Sangha while most of the Western women remain in robes, in poverty. 

What you can do in 2022?

Strive to become independent of this system that has thwarted the overseas Sangha since modernization changed all religious organizations with residents into businesses. The main emphasis on temples in the west founded by overseas Sangha or Buddhist laity is on gathering money, chanting, blessings or crafting. 

Western founded temples are no better, all shiny, expensive, up-scale in building, foods and design. This is the norm now. But it takes up a large amount of resident Sangha time to keep the money coming in, cajoling laity, creating new or trendy activities based on the new "money model" of temple management.

Sangha are not royalty: We work when the need is great. Laity support necessary.

There is no shame in fundraising but there is in the act of cajoling laity.  Raise money but do it honestly. Buddha needed financing, dana was the means to support Sangha both parts, Bhikshuni and Bhikshu. Buddha was the son of a King and received dana, even demanded support from other area Kings, only his immediate family who were cousins, uncles that joined his Sangha benefitted; there were outlying Sangha members who starved to death, suffered from illnesses, took jobs to survive while in robes or ran businesses. The sufferings of his outlying Sangha were well known to him and subjects of many sutras, stories, and subsequent Vinaya changes. Those are the facts. Look them up.

Resource disparity: too much self-sacrificing so become more independent

Fairness in the Sangha regarding sharing wealth, resources, and the 4 requisites has always been of concern to us. It's been a struggle since Buddha's time to have equality in distribution of the 4 requisites. I haven't had new robes offered in years. Some Sangha get offered 4 or more times per year.

So in 2022 become more independent. Don't be self-sacrificing so much that you become a servant to the temple, in place of your cultivation and financial stability. Bhikshu and Bhikshuni are not servants, we should never be in that position.

Bhikshu and Bhikshuni need to think of the future generations and what would be the good in institutionalizing a system based on money? Is that not the anti-thesis of Sangha cultivation? 

Recommendation: Avoid these and any other coercion:

Money is necessary, no need to feign antiquated attitudes regarding money. 
Some common phrases abound:
"Oh, I don't touch money!" Reality is there are needs to meet like make car payments, mortgages, rent, utilities, health insurance, etc. Online, credit card, debit card, cash are all forms of money, even barter (exchange money valued goods or services instead of money).

It is common to raise funds through coercion in religious settings even our temples, even relying on emotional threats or accusations of lack of faith to get the money!

"What! You don't have enough faith in the Buddha!" Implies if you did have faith, you would donate, listen to and meet the Sangha demands. It's devious manipulation of the laity. You should not do this, it makes people afraid, mistrust the Sangha, feel undue pressure to pay money to a temple, and just is immoral.

Mental strife is a key to manipulation by fundraising Sangha everywhere. 

Mental illness in the laity or the laity's family is key to emotional manipulation to get money from them. "If you love them enough..." "If your cultivation/faith was good enough ..." 

Faith, devotion, cultivation, dedication, all terms used to pull money out of laity and new donors.

Every religious group does this. It does not make it right. 

What is really going on is this: "Hey! If you want me to spend time with you, pay some money. If you want me to spend hours listening to you rave, pay some money. If you want to delay a solution, pay some money.  If you want to go off your meds or avoid being in hospital, pay some money."

KEY: The mentally ill who wants to avoid medications, hospitalization, or reality is an easy target for any religious group. It's so easy to lay it all on the Buddha or Bodhisattva instead of dealing with the matters at hand. Western medicine works well when it's done with education, support via therapy, and acceptance. So does Chinese medicine combined with therapy, Western medicine and acceptance.


Karma good or bad is used as manipulative means to exploit laity for participation in services, donate time and money to their temples.  This is termed 'faith' 'believe in' in God-based religions and is used as a tool for getting money too.


Admittedly, who would willingly work 8-12 hour day to help out a temple who is getting ready for a weeks long chanting service and keep coming daily to help out for 4 to 8 hours after the 12 hour daily service???? A very good person but they are far and few. 

So, in future places to build a temple go back to basics of what it really was, a Sangha residence. A humble place, just for Sangha to gather and rest. No more fancy ultra-expensive palace-like temples. Go back to humble homes.

Recommendation: Pandemic lessons, go back to simple living, avoid unhealthy places

2022 The pandemic was a disaster to Sangha who operate the chanting for money model, they had to flip to online streaming, distance donor solicitations, and shut their doors if they were big temples subject to shut-downs locally. 

Sangha, change what you can. If you can survive without chanting for money then do so. If not, get a job where you can move out and move on, stay in robes, keep the Vinaya, become more travelled, more education (without debt), and do not give up. 

It is easier for Western people to do this in Western countries because our culture supports us to work at paid jobs. Eastern people also have worked since Buddha's time in robes. And it's still happening, so take heart for those so isolated they need to work.  There is no shame in it. Even stalwart Sangha who upheld the "I'm not working, so I am good Sangha" view work a job or two for money. Stories are told everywhere, we have a small world you know.

Recommendation: ADAPT and when in doubt adapt! 

Adapt to the conditions of the time we are in, cultivate when you can, keep the Vinaya, stay in robes, keep your health up, stabilize your money and life, enjoy the peace of it.

Happy New Year, may you be successful in the new year!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Sangha with Pets with painful terminal illnesses facing the reality of euthanasia

My sympathies for your plight.  As Vinaya Sangha we support life, but when we see such wretched suffering in our dear companion pets, we are as torn as any one else would be.  It's grief, very powerful and painful for our pets are sentient beings.

I had always had sympathy for pet owners facing a crisis in healthcare for their pets, especially hospice and eventual euthanasia.  Many laypeople are so judgmental, and when not faced with having a pet whom they love dearly suffer so, make it harder to provide a release of life.

Also our deep understanding of Vinaya makes it a painful choice, but regarding pets it's not a breach of Parjika because that only refers to human beings.  And the intention of euthanasia is to release from suffering, a suffering in life due to terminal illness reducing the quality of life so much that water, food and compassionate touch can't reach your pet to comfort them.

It hurts you, because they hurt so much.  For those of you holding Bodhisattva ordination, it makes it imperative to act compassionately.  It's a misinterpretation to view euthanasia in pets as breech when it is not.  It would only be a breech if you kill an animal for no reason.  If you are protecting others or yourself from them it's allowed (for your human life and others is precious, live more days to pass along Buddha Dharma).  If you kill in anger or some other kind of emotion it's a breech. If you kill because it's an accident it's not a breech, but a fault of skill, that you must remedy as best you can.

Euthanasia is compassionate, it's not you doing it, it's the doctors, it's not you supporting killing, it's you supporting the end of needless suffering in your beloved pet.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Walking skeletons in robes the unhealthy portrayed as ideals in Sangha imagery

This is a commentary on body image within the Sangha. It came as a result of living with women and men in temples, seeing first hand how body image impacts our roles within the temple. I received a copy of the Karmans of the Creation of Virtue from another temple. It was an eye opener. I would have thought that body image does not matter in a Buddhist Temple, but it does. I thought such worldly things were beyond our walls. I read with disgust at first in the Karmans of the Creation of Virtue in a footnote about encouraging monastics to be healthy, eat healthy and maintain a healthy body weight.  Indirectly it felt like a judgement without having the facts at hand.

It was just a good supportive comment but it raises important issues about health and imagery of the Sangha who are also subject to various outside influences, either through their own media groups or their laity or even from their own perceptions regarding health and body weight.

The classic imagery of Sangha are thin bodies with no fat, no hair, no facial hair, and no body hair.  However, across all races and genders there are rich variations of human forms among us.  But directly and unspoken are the ideal forms.

Bhikshuni Sangha have it wrong in most Asian cultures with their bound breasts or in an effort to look like the ideal male form very thin and flat chested, no doubt they were influenced by the imagery of the past showing bhikshuni without breasts.

In the West women are not going to push their breasts under layers of vests that are 4 sizes smaller so their breasts don't show in their robes.  There are not a lot of women who are small chested here, many thin with big breasts and many fat with small breasts or variations of both.

In Asian many women already were used to breast binding and it carried into their robes.  In Europe women even do not wear western bras replacing them with camisoles and vests instead.  The culture of breast binding is ancient and with our level of education on body imagery is just harmful to our young women and laity who have girls.

Right now, I am large and most of the time I used one sports bra or one bra, not two or three at once, and not 4 sizes smaller than what I need.  During training, my bra was tossed in favor of layers of vest and t-shirt plus a short outer shirt and pants covered by a long vest.  I was not happy, I missed my bra, it was expensive and fit my small breasts giving me the needed support the bra-maker said I needed.

The robes have to be changed to accommodate modern healthier practices.  Bra or no bra, breasts are a mark of women that we should not have to bind flat to look like men or boys.  We are not Greek kori figures after all.

The Greek kori statuary forms come to mind, along with stylized imagery in classic silk screens and paintings of Sangha.  Historical references rarely show the variation in form of the actual masters they are said to depict.

The thin emaciated form is highly sought after by laity and Sangha.   This causes problems in health and distractions from cultivation when monastics are encouraged to be thin yet eat like pigs at meal times.  How on earth are you to keep healthy when eating beyond your natural capacity or willingness?

It seems that laity have been on this awful bent, concerning their own weight issues.  It seems that the donors are equating a good virtuous Sangha member as a walking skeleton, because if thin then the practice must be demanding and therefore a sign of virtue.  Thus the motivation of Sangha to remain unusually thin to gain the benefit of donors to stay alive.

I've seen first hand the harmful practices mirror the eating disorders of laywomen and girls, also extremes of ascetic practices that laity often praise bring more health concerns.

I'm not saying people in robes are doing this on a large scale, thank goodness.  But unfortunately in various ways the laity are singing the praises of those that stay unusually thin, while equating this with a good practice.  There is an alarming trend now in Pure Land to go on 10 day fasts to see Amituofo and the Pure Land.  It is closely aligned with a current master known as Ven. Jing Kong an elderly monk in the Pure Land tradition.  He preaches about the Dharma Ending age and many of his followers both Sangha and laity are practicing extreme asceticism in their over excitement.

I can't support such activities because they are not what the Buddha taught, particularly when Buddha always and often said practice was according to the middle way, not asceticism.  This is the one big flag that I hope people wake up themselves regarding trendy practices labeled as Buddhist.

I would never ever encourage people to go to extremes, it's not a contest, the world is not ending, Buddha dharma is preserved, propagated and protected by Sangha who value it.  And Sangha who also practice Pure Land methods moderately follow closely Buddha's teachings.

What label would you put on these photos?

Who is the most austere, who is the most diligent based on body image or weight? 
How can you possibly know?

2002 Ven. Hongyang sramani at 118 pounds, healthy weight;  I arrived suffering from old back injuries and told the abbot I could not lift the heavy boxes, he didn't care; accommodating me was not in play when laity needed their food or services, had to ditch the double leg braces because he made me walk 10 blocks very quickly to get to the hospital and back, then do bowing services with them on! It made more health problems and blisters on the contact points.

2005 Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering, Shasta Abbey, Ven. Hongyang 160 pounds; this was the best place I really enjoyed their place, it was filled with kind monastics!  I began to trust temples again after this wonderful experience.

2013 Western Buddhist Monastic Gathering, CDR,  Ven. Hongyang 190 pounds; my next favorite monastic place to visit is City of Dharma Realm a Chinese nunnery.  They have a smorgasbord style of cafeteria, it was wonderfully healthy!

                                             2014 Ven. Hongyang 196 pounds

Now I am 187 pounds, since February 8 after I got a Misfit Shine 2.  I've eliminated as much processed food as I could, increased my stretching and vastly improved my sleep awareness with this tracker.  It reminds me to move, interrupting my translation sessions nicely.  I hope this trend continues.

My injuries stopped me from moving, all my injuries were made worse at my former temple.  I could not keep up with a 30 year old strong monk, even he demanded me to acting as if I was in my 20s when I was in my mid-40s!

There is a certain amount of cruelty in nearly all cultures that portrays obese people as stupid or mental, it's very sad reflection on the Sangha when they engage in this kind of thinking.  Behind the walls I've been aware of how people act towards me after seeing them behave towards others they called "fatty" in a supposed kindly manner, basing their perception on what they see alone, it affects whether they want to come and talk to me.  This is true of the elite whites in robes as well, and it makes me wonder if that snobbery is due to elitism rather than race, since I have first hand experienced this in temples when I have visited them.

Genetics comes into play when you age at at certain point, also injuries that are permanent in my case both people can do nothing about.  If your Aunt Grace or Uncle George were fat, you saw your parents get fat as they aged then the likelihood of you becoming fat may be true to some extent.

Very few people have suffered from obesity through sheer neglect while in robes.  As I found out from my friends who shared a lot their weight gain comes from abuse and unhealthy temple foods that are high in salt and fat lacking in proteins and needed balance in nutrition.

Temple food culture is inherited as well.  In my former tonsure temple there was too much frying, too much salt, and oil; heavy use of preserved veggies, and vinegars.  I've eating in other temples and their foods while tasty are no better; unless they offer a salad bar and you can pick and choose your food choices.  Smaller ones if they are Asian are very used Ito high salt and little balance in nutrition.  I learned to drink gongcha in the afternoon and it helped but did not stop the effects of high salt diet.

Healthy choices are not in the control of individual Sangha unless they live in solitude and provide their own meals, even laity providing meals can be a disaster to their health.  I limit meal treats out, even do not allow myself to visit and eat at anyone's homes anymore.  I keep my own food simple and very low salt and it's working for me.  I've a slow weight loss because of aging and injuries but I am optimistic that I can achieve my goals.

Now, I dare you to make a judgement regarding my virtue or my practice based on my looks.  If you have any class you won't even try.  If you have any study of Buddhism you won't be basing it on looks alone or this article.  If you a good deal of common sense you won't even try based on this article.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Basic Sangha Community Rights for Sangha discussion only

Basic Sangha community rights

  1. Full citizenry rights in the resident country and overseas.
  2. Full support in daily living includes 4-requisites
  3. All possible opportunities for education given everyone without payback expected.
  4. Respect by 4-fold assembly of host country Sangha members.
  5. Appropriately sensitive to Sangha include celebrations that do not harm or create ethical problems for the Sangha including indigenous cultures and customs of host country.
  6. Monthly stipend that suitable for the area and allows a fund to be used by the individual as they wish, not the home country of the ethnic founders.
  7. Access to good internet connection to prevent isolation from family, friends, and peers. Freedom to decide online presence as long as precepts are being observed online as well.  Anything harmful or illegal should be regarded as reasons to report to the law to protect the community. Politics cause problems enough so Sangha should up their security and use pass code locks on their electronics like phones and computers, even ipads, 
  8. Every Sangha member has a right to decide without pressure from a temple or individuals what to do with their own money.  They can save for their own purpose, invest, donate as they see fit.  If they fritter their money away how can that benefit their progress on the Path?
  9. Freedom to receive visitors of their own approval and to leave to visit others.
  10. Freedom to speak, visit, travel with other Sangha in good standing regardless of robes or tradition as long as the Sangha they visit are in good standing.
  11. Freedom to speak, visit, travel with other monastic religious outside of Buddhism.
  12. All countries, all languages, all abilities of Sangha who remain in good standing have the full ability to preserve, protect, and propagate Buddha dharma, the precepts, perform any service or transmission regardless of origin in Buddhism, participate and confer with appropriate Vinaya numbers of Sangha full ordination, Bodhisattva vows, and confer lineages either new or ancient.
This is a work in progress.  It will be edited and added to or deletions as other Sangha are welcome to comment with suggestions. As this is a Sangha affair nobody else should comment. 

Ven. Hongyang,Bhikshuni
Calm Clarity Temple

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Vinaya Masters in the West ~ the USA

I'm pretty mature in monastic age entering the age requirement for a Vinaya master, but I am becoming known through my online presence and in my meetings with other Western and Eastern people in robes.  In my tradition, the Chinese Buddhist Sangha really considers more senior bhikshu and bhikshuni Vinaya masters of more than 20 rains years or exceptional younger ones.

For the myself being 11 rains as of this writing I'm among the younger ones.  I've been on a 2 year Vinaya retreat with the purpose of preparing for next year being my ordination giving age of 12 years as an upadhyayani [ooh-pah-dye-ni].

I'm serious about my training, very serious about the Vinaya and those who claim to uphold it while engaging in worldly matters.  I've been outspoken for years in favor of adherence to Vinaya over popularity.

The past 30 years has seen a decline of Western people in robes, many disrobing after years of being in robes.  Most often complaints in meetings are of lack of support from their communities both in training and in the 4 requisites.  The highest rate is claimed by the Western Tibetans, then the Western Thai/Sri Lanka Theravada monks.  It's rare to see it happen in other communities like those founded by Chinese, Korean or Vietnamese.

Resilience in the face of lack of support in those issues is not reason enough to disrobe, lacking renewed robes means you need to repair the old ones and investigate into making your own.

I know American bhikshuni who has lacked such and remained in robes more than 20 years already.
Not every Sangha member around the world whether they are from a well-funded temple or not is provided enough of the 4 requisites or treated fairly being sponsored for an education or leadership roles.

We are in 163rd year of existing in the USA through the Chinese Buddhist lineages.  That is young by their standards and ours.  Keep hoping and keep your precepts and all will be well.

Immortality Buddha!

I bow to Buddha!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Floating Clouds, Folded Palms - A Mahayana Chinese rebirth in Iowa: Iowa's own Bhikshuni soon to release author's autobiography

My autobiography has been the hardest thing to write.  I'm happy I made the effort to publish many sutras before I attempted the hardest thing I have ever sat down to to do.  At first I made lists, wrote snippets of my challenges and victories.  I had a difficult life, not unlike your own.  However, I made choices that led me to the Path.  And it is too my credit that I made those beneficial decisions.  All the while I mused how to bring this work to you and inspire you to knuckle down and really study while practicing Buddha dharma!

I concluded that what you need less of is personal glimpses into masters lives; something you can use is concrete examples of what works from a Sangha member who has considerable amount of time spent in robes.

I am not famous to my knowledge.  I am not interested in that or in bigger, better prettier temples or to be in charge of such grandeur.  I don't need the prestige nor the bother of it, unless another Sangha member is in real need then I would suffer it, and really it would be suffering the loss of my practice time and my interest translating the Tripitaka completely into English.

I support the Triple Jewel, I am pure in precepts and I have faith in Buddha's teachings.  I am a senior bhikshuni in robes being true to my practice and striving to bring more practices to light in my translations of sutras and commentaries into English from the Tripitaka.

Please support my efforts and donate to the website monthly or the gofundme page on Calm Clarity Temple.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

English Surangama Mantra: Heroes Spell

English Surangama Mantra:  Heroes Spell

This mantra is the Surangama Mantra, it my translation. I am Dharma Master Hong Yang, Bhikshuni in the Chinese Buddhist tradition of Buddhism.  I have published the Heroes Spell on that explains each word and gives the Sanskrit and its definition and variations of word choice for each word. Sangha cherish this mantra never knowing its meaning because it supports our training, we support ourselves by reciting this mantra.  Lots of commentaries have been written regarding this mantra but nothing in English, and only smidgens of truth have come out on its content. This mantra can be revised for individual cultivation because it engages the mind in body, voice, and action when done daily it is a healthy practice. The history of this mantra can be found in the Surangama Sutra translated into English by the Sagely City of 10,000 Buddhas and available to everyone online through their bookstore, see their online bookstore.

Maudgalyayana (Buddha’s actual relative) recited this mantra at Buddha’s request to recall Ananda who was arrogant and prideful over his attainments in his cultivation decided to go to collect alms at the house of a prostitute, he just felt he knew he would not succumb to her charms and break his serious defeat precept of no sex.  Well, he was wrong, apparently in the content of this mantra he had a problem and was about to lose his status as a monk due to his sexual excitement over this woman who got him inside and on her bed.  Also it appears he had repeatedly done so in risky behavior because there is a point later in the mantra where the woman who repented and became a Bhikshuni and attained the status of arhanta from Buddha. 

So how to apply this to your life, if you are truly Sangha and celibate in body or have no thoughts arising of sensual or sexual nature? You apply it as a lesson learned for Ananda was Buddha’s cousin and personal attendant, with recognized status by Buddha and his peers in the Sangha with attainments in his own right, if he could nearly fall and risk a parajika once committed then he would have been expelled immediately from the Sangha and had to resume lay life then we must remember his fault, even today.  Don’t be coy, don’t be shy.  This way we uphold our Vinaya precepts, if you are laity you uphold your lay precepts.  The manner of the wording and context is the Buddha demanding Ananda return or be at risk of being expelled if he commits sexual intercourse, and he is mad.  He has harsh words to say to Ananda, very direct, explicit to the actions he has been seen doing by the community.  As a Vinaya precept holder myself I understand the style and harshness, it’s necessary at such risk for an expulsion and the harm is great to the young community around Buddha himself.  If you want to reprint this you must contact me, it’s copyrighted and I will enforce it. I’ve worked long and hard at this and this is only poste for you to study not to reprint.  Sangha monastics who intend to study this may contact me as I plan to form a Sangha only study group on this in the hopes you can be inspired to translate yourselves.  For my published books click on this on list.  Dharma Master Hong Yang

Great Buddha Crown Heroes Spirit Spell
I bow to Heroes Assembly Main Buddhas & all Awakened!   (x3)

Brilliant serene always support firmly these elders!
Heroic rulers in a lifetime rarely exist.
Cease my many harmful confused thoughts
Not all Sangha gain a dharma body
Wishing for a good result, to be a treasure ruler
Return as many people as there are rivers and sands.
Will this deep intent, giving, courtesy, intuitive virtue.
Is then called repaying Buddha’s kindness
Prostrating please World Honored certify me
This Five Peck evil world I vow first to enter
If one being not yet becomes a Buddha
End not in this to choose Nirvana
Great Might, Great Power, Great Compassion
Hope to study more to remove small tiny doubts
I swear to early gain Perfect Enlightenment
In the 10 directions boundary sit in a Buddha hall.
Emptiness in fact cancels death
This wheel mind will not turn.

I bow to Resident Ten Directions Buddhas! 
I bow to Resident Ten Directions Dharmas!
I bow to Resident Ten Directions Sanghas!
I bow to Sakyamuni Buddha! 
I bow to Buddha’s Crown Heroes Realm!  
I bow to Hears the Worlds Sounds Awakened! Avalokitasvara
I bow to Earth Store Awakened! Ksitigarbha

At that time the World Honored, from his crown, surged a 100 Jeweled lights.  The lights within these surged outward. 
Precious 1000 petal lotuses, in each one transformed Buddhas. 
Sitting on these precious flowers, their crowns releasing the 10 Paths. 
100 precious lights, each one radiant, all of them now revealed. 
As many as there are grains of sands.  Buddha’s inner disciples are lifting thunderbolts and staffs on their mountains, all over to the edges of space. The Great Assembly their faces raised observed, in awe and admiration, they asked Buddha to pity them and to help.  Eager to listen to Buddha.  An invisible crown appears on his head called Sending a Light Arrived. Who proclaimed and spoke this spirit spell:

Heroes Spell, Section One lines 1-137
I bow in praise - places the mind in proper support.
I bow to sitting eloquent worthy peace perfect enlightenment sitting Buddha lotus crown! 
I bow to Me a Buddha Bodhi sitting going gone!  
I bow in praise to sitting and a lotus!
I bow in praise of perfect enlightenment!
I bow in praise oceans of respect to Sangha! 
I bow in praise to World worthy!
I bow in praise to Stream enterer! 
I bow in praise to acting unified in desire! 
I bow in praise to free, equality gone!
I bow in praise of Equality and Bowl, Lamp, and Dana! 
I bow in praise to Lamp hermit! 
I bow in praise to Sakyamuni knowledge & hermit’s air!  
I bow in praise of mighty bliss muttering is stopped! 
I bow to Sending forth Treasure! 
I bow to mighty deeds! 
Venerable section.
I bow to Venerable vast power of good friend’s paths & the virtuous!  
I bow to Venerable mortal leader open to folly sealed! 
I bow to Piety!  
I bow to Venerable the net of illusion fleeting three breaths.  The alms bowl & healthy drink now for you are too gone astray, create a desire for robes and seal clan!
I bow to, piety! 
Dwelling sub-section.
I bow in dwelling to Venerable Buddha! 
I bow in dwelling to the Lotus sitting! 
I bow in dwelling to the Resolute! 
I bow in dwelling to the Jewels! 
I bow in dwelling to the Warrior! 
I bow to Venerable, a triple purity Sage while having a master this wild behavior is not safe; to Buddha!   
I bow to Venerable! 
Arrived, Worthy, to perfect enlightenment section.
I bow to Immortality, worthy Arrived, to perfect enlightenment!  
I bow to Venerable Unshakable, worthy Arrived, to perfect enlightenment!
I bow to Venerable Medicine Teacher, wishes matured be thunder wisdom Arrived!       
I bow to Venerable Revering, known following play ends worthy Arrived, to perfect enlightenment! 
I bow to Venerable Sage to Sakya, worthy Arrived, to perfect enlightenment!  
I bow to Venerable Jewel royal song, worthy Arrived perfect enlightenment divine!
Venerable Ananda must return and restrain section. 
I bow to forever present venerable sitting; light crown sitting and bowl!
I bow to Unconquerable return course maker!
Ananda’s problem & consequences section.
Hearing in town the past seizing you is restraining the waking to non-existence in the next life this knowledge destroys the origin wiping it away to counter the current!
Streaming; binding; liberation!
Streaming; guilt; defiling; desire!
Praise and Guarding section.
Praise resisting wheel successful, seizing this world a solid defense in ruining rebellion!
Praise having ability won, guarding fortifies the body!  
Praise rebirth peace frees sorrow, guarding great grasping, guarding agitation within nature delaying is cowardly air wicked ruin forgetting a speedy ghost!
Praising attainment in great elements, great mental power, great path, a treasury to a great next life!
Lover crossed pious wishing Lotus living victory!
Resolute section.
Resolute, death! 
Resolute, passing a Lotus sitting!        
Resolute, digging a great living in next life’s song!   Resolute, might! 
Resolute, power like an enemy honored after a stable great path a pious crossing closer to a great next life! 
Resolute, vast living! 
Resolute, a daughter shattering a noble lineage! 
Resolute, handed knowledge who is the initiator? Right path is Origin Buddha awareness a crown bump hero gifted flowers and beauty!
Resolute, like a jeweler!
Resolute, guarding a gold light! 
Resolute, quick charming teachings shines worry less!
Sealing the section spell protection.
So thus seals community!  My living protection!  Now have an undivided desire for liberation!

(Recite now call disciples {name(s)} to accept and maintain their faith)   [private in home practice, never used in temple unless special request]]

Heroes Spell, Section Two lines 138-178
Scolding section.
Joyously lively in community with a mighty will you wicked-minded gone away from Sangha; amusing at best!               
Sounds, amusing at best!
Will and perception, amusing at best!       
Devoted to your friends & towns; amusing at best!
Personal speedy ghosts, body’s evil spirits, seizing, evil spirits you have agitation within; amusing at best!      
Guiding success praised so seizing the worldly sage praised agitation is human; amusing at best!       
Return to the Path command.
Guarding Venerable you are wicked-minded!   You formed a crown bump you return immediately!   Great at defying and driving me away!  Sir, you are defying and driving me away by your bad luck!  Lotus, we were sitting together, we three here are eager for your return!  Warrior try to attain! 
Encouragement and call to act.
Great resolute smashing the three worlds!  Lucky and pleased with your sitting, Venerable the “I” is now whole so keep the desire for liberation!

(Now here its usual is to call names of lay people & disciples {name(s)})

Heroes Spell, Section Three lines 179-272
Fear Section.
Guarding fear; Poison fear; Fire fear; Water fear; Venom fear; Accident crossing fear; Next, life fear; Disfiguring fear; Thunderbolt fear; Beginning right path fear; Bearing into earth; Venerable fear; Snake enclosure fear; Guarding will fear; Town fear; Knowledge passing fear; Saving fear!  
Seizing Section.
Speedy Ghost seizing; Evil spirits seizing; Departed soul seizing; Beggar seizing; Eerie being seizing;   Betel-nut tree seizing; Demon seizing; Lotus demon seizing; Sense of “I” seizing; Memory lost seizing; Prey crushing seizing; Shadow seizing; River seizing!       
Robbing section.
Birth robbing; Life robbing; Fierce robbing; Will robbing; Prize robbing; Liberty robbing; Race robbing; Rich robbing; Desire robbing; Intelligence robbing; Free from sorrow robbing; Mind robbing!
Knowing lessens separation of rule swift observance section.
Mind a good seat; my grasping! 
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Mighty bearing Lotus playing!
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Song playing!
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Great honor to Buddha; burying grounds playing!  Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe!  
Son of primal Man playing!  
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Beloved less injury playing!      
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Great maker hands seal songs playing!     
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Hair braid less playing!
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Logic victory heady sounds hero destroying playing!  
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Charming sister playing!      
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Couch liking son waking a prince punishable playing!    
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Mountain citizen music playing!   
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Worship playing!    
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Desire guarding playing! 
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Firm intense home brown robe fate master playing!
Knowing lessens parting from rules, swiftly observe! 
Wish for liberation return to protecting forest refuge.
Protecting the forest Venerable now a complete a desire for liberation!

(At this point call previous disciples’ names)

Heroes Spell, Section Four lines 273-332
Overcoming section.
Venerable nature overcoming I bow to conduct!
You wild foolish, radiant, kinsman a monk polite, with a bowl so lively and active.  Your memory knowing; fear knowing, dread the memory, of cutting off and cessation with your laughing and giggling; so immature, young, simple, ignorant, and oblivious to overcoming! 
Praise section.
Praise music!
Praise to not be so vain!
Praise an essential reunion! 
Praise next life! 
Praise the spiritual, the solitary, and worship! 
My complete ‘awareness’ section.
My complete divinity!
My complete forest!     
My complete speedy ghost!  
My complete spark divinity!    
My complete demon!  Lotus entire demon!          
My complete memory acquisition! 
My complete defiling, publicity!     
My complete animating! 
My complete possession!                   
My complete appearance home!                   
My complete perception loss!   
My complete yearning child!             
My precepts guards acts; letting go acts; polite acts!   
My complete notoriety accomplished; complete Precepts maker; complete charming call; resolute, beautiful and knowing!   
Lasting section.
Protection lasting!  Great wisdom and meditation! Beginning lasting!  Resolute to promise!                     
Helping section.
Helping taking away golden great purpose and a great seal birth!                
Helping I bow to you once?
Helping attendant lately?  
Helping satisfying jewels?           
Helping fire?               
Helping great action?         
Helping making a gift less? 
Helping material world? 
Helping awful?           
Helping Nowhere?    
Helping is terrible singer?         
Helping a hair braid caste? 
Helping beyond mind, patience, is origin a mistress? 
Action & appeal section.
Walking to Lotus! Existing good conduct! 
I now completely desire liberation!

(Now at this verse near or formerly called disciples & certain people)

Heroes Spell, Section Five lines 333-427
Negative Mind section.
Guilt mind!  Enemy mind!   
Robbing section.
Dawn robbing; speed robbing; violence robbing; dwelling robbing; marrow robbing; origin robbing; sweating robbing; childishness robbing; cold robbing;  blossom robbing; next life robbing; brain robbing!      
Destructive mind section.
Troubled mind; guilty mind; violent mind! 
Seizing section.
Speedy ghost seizing; evil ghost seizing; ghost seizing; demon seizing; spirit seizing; youth seizing; sense accumulations seizing; doubt to madness seizing; grace seizing; away from memory seizing; grieving cries fighter seizing; sound seizing; fight seizing; female seizing; seal; play seizing; yell seizing; patched garment cleansing seizing!        
Speedy Ghost section.
Regret speedy ghost helping; family speedy ghost; triad speedy ghost; lessen mad speech; images, sorrow; misfortune, burning; sage; precept loss; driving away fight; gain, intelligence; my, sorrow; poet mind; bewildered, training in the dust!  
Disease section.
Fight disease; speechless disease; sport disease! 
Injury section.
Seizing body birth injury; father injury; doing injury; “I” injury; generation injury; saliva injury; belly injury; warrior injury; bladder injury; loin injury; river injury; hand injury; foot injury; 3 food offering times; body having gold injury! 
Abandon & appreciate section
World desire less, the sky, the light, the gift of a full-moon.  A lover is worldly when you are in fever and tormented, it’s so savage; and dimwitted.  A good path surpassing it all is helpful and seeds generations! 
Scolding & public shame section.
Fire, water such a rash hero who is cowardly.  You make it by begging and to help your honor are three guardians; mighty Lotus in my town and community I am powerful.  You bloated speedy ghost carrying such useful means in talking you are exceedingly mighty.  Reason it child be great at intending to cross a river! 
Binding final section.
Knowledge is binding me; country is binding me; distant is binding me.  It is giving me willpower. 
Yes, fire results in crossing; I am welding a thunderbolt; I am resolute; I have a crown bump;

I had a great past life, I am deeply aware that this playing is known to make a lesser birth.  I am joining in binding; I am resolute, I praise my pact; I am brilliant I am trained to bear all equally and so it is!