Monday, November 25, 2013

Kicked out or Real, Advice to Sangha in robes on how to investigate frauds or errant Sangha

It is really hard to figure out if a monastic in robes has been kicked out for parajika offenses and complicated if they refuse to stop wearing robes unless you were someone connected by the sad occasion and actually knew them well.  Sometimes we can find a dividing line between ‘professional’ and devoted to the Path.  Here are some of mine:

First, their behavior in robes is the first clue to how they swing and how pure they really are.  

Second, if they emphasis money or fundraising over providing dharma talks and services.  

Third, if they clearly flaunt wealth. Big cars, homes, expensive products, etc.  

Fourth, if they deny you citizenry rights or basic human rights.  

Fifth, if they don’t let you go outside, deny you permission to seek medical care, become hostile and so that it makes you fearful or dependent. 

Sixth, if they are overly coercive in having you ‘dirty’ your hands in their nasty business.  This they do so they can force you to comply by collusion.  

Seventh, if they tell you that you or everyone around you is crazy and most assuredly they are state they are not.

If you find some of these apply then take another look at them to see if you are noticing the things actually happening or if you just are feeling culture shock.  You should talk to them to see if you can tell if they are needing (only if you are Sangha yourself can you give this) admonition or remain set in their ways.  If they are past caring about Vinaya then you need to leave them, break cleanly or you will find yourself broken from the root (Sangha only commit this parajika by hiding another's clear parajika fault).  This comment is regarding the parajika offense of associating with an unrepentant expelled Bhikshu or expelled Bhikshuni.

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