Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Calm Clarity Temple Named in Iowa

The quest for a temple name has been settled here in Iowa.  Calm Clarity Temple is the name for the temporary location here in Ames at my apartment with use of my community room for large events.  The reason I chose this name after asking for input is that it is quite overwhelming to be the one to pick a name that will live on long after I'm gone and to be honest it has to sound good over the phone to the public.

Calm Clarity these are attributes that I myself have been told that I have.  These are desirable attributes for living a quality life.  In fact these are the attributes you need to progress and train with Buddhist methods if you want to achieve nirvana.  These 2 attributes "calm" and "clarity" will serve future Sangha residents and members who attend the temple as guiding principles.

安 an - content, calm, still, quiet, safe, secure, in good health, to find a place for, to install, to fix, to fit, to bring a charge against sb, to pacify, security, safety, peace, ampere.
靜 jing - still, calm, quiet, not moving
安定 anding - stable, quiet, settled, stabilized, calm and orderly
安寧anning - peaceful, tranquil, calm, composed, free from worry
心静xinjing - tranquil, calm
安静anjing - quiet, peaceful, calm

明 鏡 mingjing - mirror (as in a metaphor for sth beautiful, bright and flat - such as a lake or sth that provides clarity and insight)
明晰 mingxi - clarity/lucid
智 zhi - knowledge, wisdom

To pick a Chinese name using these attributes I would pick 安明鏡寺 An Minjing Si  Calm Mirror Temple.
It's the closest to my intended meaning in terms of function of the temple.

This temple will be dedicated to translation of the Buddha dharma to English.  My present project is the Mahayana Tripitaka Collection from the Taisho Edition.This collection is unique in that it has all the extent schools included including an esoteric division which I was intrigued to learn that esoteric practices originated in India and were carried into China when Buddhism spread it's influence there, this collection has many of the masters including commentaries; it also contains the complete Pala Tipitaka, the 4 abhidharma collections as well as Mahayana collections, the Vinaya collection is inclusive of all the schools.

It's been rarely touched and translations exist in scholars treatises and to my knowledge none of their works are online and free to read.  I hope that changes with this temple.

Buddhafolk Blog has more on this with more about the mission statement and goals

Following a brief discussion on Facebook, I've gone back to my first choice for the Chinese name of the temple, 安定寺  Anding it has various supportive meanings and it exists already overseas in various countries.  Since Iowa is known for stability, calm, and peace as a state environment that is good for living and families, this is a worthy link to the natural environment.  A very auspicious trait too.

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