Friday, October 26, 2012

In response to suffering

Today I read of yet another child's death. Yesterday two children, killed by their nanny. What kind of mind does this? Sorrowing, angry, and full of repetitive rages?  These last few months the child murder rate is dangerously rising?  What happened to the parents? What happened to their caregivers? What happened to the stranger who grabbed and killed?

Caring hearts all cry the same.

I can't logic this out.  But I can pray.

Namo Guanshiyin Pusa

Please watch over our world's sufferers much closer.  Actively assist those children facing violence, protect them. Enable the human's who can act, to act to protect our precious jewels. This is violence is not stopping but it seems to be increasing, aid those haters, angry, sorrowful, regretful, imbalanced, and swiftly calm their minds, enabling them to seek help of a long lasting kind to keep them stable.  To those murdered please teach them no revenge, to let go of their sorrow, sense of loss and fear, moving in to their next life or to their heavens let them be at peace.  May all sentient beings in the past, present and future benefit from this prayer from this bhikshuni who is caring and thinking of all of them, who is a mother, who was a wife, who was child, who was born into this human realm.  May all my ancestors of all my lives, my loves, my children and my children's next lives and families benefit and have full and peaceful lives. Amituofo!

I bow to Observe World Sound's known as Avalokitasvara Bodhisattva.

Ven. Hong Yang, Bhikshuni
8th rains October 26 2012.

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