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Defending Dharma in Social Media a Sangha warning

Bhikshuni page on Facebook original posting 7/30/12
Defending dharma while in social media. 
A recent posting by a Buddhist who left the path left many shocked at a nude picture of two women and further insult the FB member decided to label it "Buddha field 2012".  This defamation of the Triple Jewel did cause Ven. Hong Yang to take notice and request it to be privated or removed as the Facebook member had only posted dharma material and appropriate content before that time. The request was not well received and what issued is what I now understand is flaming. What abhorrent behavior for someone claiming to be Buddhist to afflict upon a Sangha member! Since it wasn't privated Ven. Hong Yang decided to report it to Facebook as it was nude photo showing everything and she has friended many youth relatives and young Buddhists around the world. Thank you Facebook for your speedy response!

Sangha members are defenders of the Buddha dharma, it is our duty to correct Buddhists and non Buddhists who post inappropriate content here on Facebook and elsewhere in internet and social media. 

  • Befriending Sangha members and being friended by Sangha members entails a certain amount of responsibility for content in excess of FB guidelines meaning that you are not exempt from the temple that guides you concerning social media content, nor from the precepts you have taken and you must observe the 8 fold path guidelines while on social media, nor from abandoning your practices while on FB and elsewhere, in fact dubious content is a reason for admonishment by Sangha that you friend. 
  • You should take it with appropriate appreciation and grace being respectful and learn something from your mistake. Nobody is asking you for unreasonable actions beyond Facebook policy like privating posts that are offensive and show nudity and graphic violence to those who know you and like that sort of crap.

It is sad that not one other Sangha member became involved beyond the FB members own previously affiliation with a non-Vinaya order of Buddhists well known for their efforts in dharma talks and upholding their precepts.

A warning to all Sangha who are active in public places and in social media:

Sangha with my deepest respects to you all and to all elders on my friends list and in community, you need to get on the ball! Start speaking out! Just because you're on Facebook for any reason and I don't care what for does not exempt you from teaching, upholding and admonishing while on this public platform!

It is just pitiful that you stayed silent on matters that you know are wrong view regarding Buddha dharma and by your lack of involvement allow a situation specifically regarding Triple Jewels or any part of it like something so new to me as flaming a Sangha member to go on even for a day!

I know you all saw those posts and conversations... soo from now on get more involved, please, otherwise by your silence you do approve and that results in mis-leading information and a deterioration of public images of Sangha in media such as this one and affects so many Sangha and laity here even many more non Buddhists viewing our news feed and profiles.

From now on instead of being silent speak out, that is your right as Sangha members and it's a duty you should not ignore anymore.

離開該路徑的佛教最近張貼留下許多震驚于兩個女人的裸體圖片,並進一步侮辱 FB 成員決定它貼上標籤"佛場 2012"。此誹謗的三重珠寶並造成的通風條件香港楊,特此通知,要求它必須民營化,或刪除隨著 Facebook 會員只發了佛法材料和適當的內容在該時間之前。不好收到請求,併發出什麼我現在明白燃燒。有人自稱佛教僧隊員折磨什麼令人憎惡的行為 !因為它不是民營化的通風條件香港楊決定向 Facebook 報告,這是裸體照片顯示一切都和她有好友許多青年親屬和世界各地的青年佛教徒。感謝您您迅速反應 Facebook !

僧成員是佛佛法的捍衛者,這是我們正確的佛教徒與非佛教徒張貼在這裡不合適的內容,在 Facebook 上和其他地區互聯網和社交媒體的責任。

認識僧成員和被好友僧成員需要一定數量的超過 FB 指引意義你不豁免從殿,將指導您關於社交媒體內容,也沒有從你採取的訓詞,雖然對社交媒體,也沒有放棄您的做法,雖然 FB 和其他地方,你必須遵守的 8 折路徑指引的內容負責、 可疑內容其實是有原因的訓誡的僧你的朋友。
你應該隨身攜帶的適當升值恩典被尊重和從你的錯誤中學習的東西。沒有人要求你的 Facebook 政策之外的不合理行動像是進攻性的 privating 個職位和顯示裸體和圖形暴力到那些知道你和喜歡那樣的廢話。

這是可悲的沒有一個其他僧成員成為涉及超越 FB 成員自己以前的佛教徒非毗尼順序與隸屬關係眾所周知在佛法會談和維護其戒律的努力。


用我最深的敬意,向你都和我的朋友清單和在社區中的所有長者的僧,您需要得到球 !開始說出來吧 !只是因為你在 Facebook 上因任何理由,我不在乎什麼並不免除您從教學、 堅持與諫雖然對此公共的平臺 !

這是你呆沉默你知道是佛佛法的錯了意見,並由你缺乏參與允許三珠寶或其任何部分它喜歡一樣東西對我作為燃燒僧成員繼續下去,甚至為一天的新的具體情況的事宜,只是少得可憐 !

我知道你們都看到了所以從今以後更多參與,請這些職位和交談 ... ...,否則為您做批准由你的沉默,在 mis-leading 的資訊和公眾中的形象僧的媒體,如這一惡化的結果和影響這麼多僧及平信徒在這裡查看我們的新聞和設定檔的更多更多非佛教徒。


Ven. Hong Yang Bhikshuni 釋宏揚,比丘尼

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