Sunday, January 15, 2012

Preparing for the Dragon Year of 2012

This is the most liberating time, the about-to-change- time of the upcoming Chinese New Year! And to think we lucky Buddhists get to have two new years that actually gives us time to finish our 'old' business and clean up our messes and tidy our homes in time for Chinese New Year if we get too busy for the calendar new year in December! Hah! 

I almost completed my sorting of all my old papers, had stuff from 90s in my college days!  Wow so far threw away 3 large garbage bags of paper, shredded and ready for the power plant to burn and recycle!

I've been able to finalize my health program for the year!!  Aging is the biggest culprit that I am facing.  Geese louise, I remember thinking when I was 35 that I felt 78! now I'm 51 and wonder if that means I feel like a 100!  So when I get to be 150 I can accurately say I know what 300 feels like!!!

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